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IMEI Service

Server working 7/7 (everyday from Monday to Sunday)

Monday to Saturday : service open 20 hrs /day
Sunday : service open 10 hrs /day

Please never request code for these Motorola :

- Motorola Atrix 4G, A45ECO, A853,
- Motorola Defy, Flipout,
- Motorola EM30, EM35, E8,
- Motorola K1, K1s, and all other variants of K1
- Motorola MB200, MB501, MB502, MB508, MB511, MB525),
- Motorola Q, Q Global, QA1, QA2, QA4,
- Motorola U9,
- Motorola V3I, V8, V9, V9X,
- Motorola Milestone XT720,
- Motorola ZN5, Z6.

- Verizon Droid Pro Global/Milestone.

Because you WILL GET A WRONG CODE since the Provider/Carrier changes codes for these handsets from the default ones on Motorola Database. There is nothing we can do to help you in case you. Our supplier will not refund us on these codes so please be careful before ordering.   The only way to get the unlock code for these models is to add them by operator, as long as the operator is supported by SwiftUnlocks. Thank you for understanding.

Don't request code for AT&T and T-Mobile USA as 100% of code are Not Found for these two Networks.

Price : USD2.5
Delivery Time : 1-6 Hours